Dog Days of Spring

Boston Common

Two dogs enjoying the spring weather on the Boston Common.

Suffolk students weren’t the only ones in the city who were thrilled for the warm weather this week. After what felt like a suspiciously long winter, the canines of Boston took to the Common to see their friends and enjoy the sunshine—much like we did in between classes. (Photos: Michael J. Clarke)View More

Boston comes to life in the spring: Swan boats glide on the Public Garden’s lake, Fenway Park echoes with the crack of bats, and city parks turn brilliantly green. It’s the perfect setting for finishing the academic year strong.

Shakespeare on The Common

Boston Common

Suffolk students watching a Shakespeare on The Common performance in Boston

Things don’t end too well for Romeo and Juliet, but everyone else wins at this outdoor tradition. Commonwealth Shakespeare Company stages a free production on Boston Common every year. Forsooth! (Photos: Michael J. Clarke)View More

You can catch a Broadway musical, comedy show, ballet, or play every single night in Boston. Whether performing onstage at our Modern Theatre or cheering from balcony seats in the Theater District, our students find their scene.

Inside the Steeple

Boston Common

Suffolk photographer climbs up into the steeple of the Park Street Church in Boston

Suffolk students walk by it every day, but what is Park Street Church’s steeple like inside? We went up to take photos of our buildings and the Boston skyline, and couldn’t help snapping the atmospheric interior too. Even the graffiti’s historic. (Photos: Michael J. Clarke)View More

No city has preserved its history quite like Boston has. While the Freedom Trail unwinds just outside our front door, our students learn from the past as they prepare to make history of their own.