Consumed By Coffee

Downtown Crossing

Suffolk students work with Boston-based artisanal coffee roaster George Howell during an experiential marketing class.

With over 1,000 places to procure a caffeinated beverage in the city, Suffolk students and Bostonians alike have a lot of options. George Howell Coffee Company, steps from our 10 West residence hall, worked with our Sawyer Business School students with the goal of finding a way to stand-out in such a crowded coffee market. (Photos: Michael J. Clarke & Ben Hall)View More

Suffolk is surrounded by dozens of cafés of all shapes and sizes. Between mainstays like Dunkin Donuts and local gems to discover for yourself, you’ll have plenty of ways to keep yourself well-caffeinated.

A Nighttime Art Festival Outside Our Windows

Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing is taken over by Illiuminus Boston.

Downtown Crossing glowed neon Friday and Saturday evening as ILLUMINUS took over the downtown shopping center.  The “nighttime contemporary art festival” brought artists, designers, performers, and creative technologists to the city center to showcase their work – right outside our residence halls. (Photos: Angelina Garibaldi ’20 and Alexey Korolev ’18)View More

Boston is home to more than 1,500 arts and cultural organizations, from landmark institutions to quirky neighborhood gems. They all add up to an inexhaustible source of entertainment, enlightenment, and employment for Suffolk students.